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How should not-for-profits focus their organisational transformation efforts to deliver lasting impact?

The Third Sector and the world around us has shifted significantly, and that trajectory looks set to continue as we navigate a new landscape. So what does that mean for the transformations we need to consider within our organisations? What trends and changes in behaviours are more relevant? And what does this mean for our digital skills and capabilities?

Third Sector Insight has partnered with TPXimpact to:
  • Discover whether leaders and their teams are agile enough to meet the demands of the future
  • Understand if not-for-profits have the tools, resources, training and capacity to achieve their goals
  • Identify how company culture can influence organisational transformation
  • Uncover how digital innovations can drive the Third Sector forward
We want just five minutes of your time to find out – honestly – how your organisation is prioritising transformation in your workplace. As a thank you, we’ll enter you into a prize draw and one of you will be anonymously selected to win a £50 voucher for Patch Plants or World of Books, plus a £50 donation to your chosen charity.