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Champaign County Survey

Dear Champaign County Resident,

This survey is designed to give us an accurate picture of how our residents are using the internet and whether your service is as fast and reliable as you need it to be. Your opinions and experiences are important to us, whether you and your family rarely use the internet or use it all the time. Your responses will be used to help us make decisions as we build out internet services throughout the county.

This short survey should about 5 minutes of your time. One thing we will be asking you is how much you currently pay for internet service if you have it. So you may want to check your last billing statement before you start the survey.

We have partnered with staff at the University of Illinois to collect the data. They will report the results of the survey to the county confidentially without attaching your personal information. If you have any questions about the survey or how your data will be used, please call Maryalice Wu at 217-244-0937 or email

Thank you, 
Darlene Kloeppel, 
Champaign County Executive 
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