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Herefordshire General Practice Engagement

Herefordshire General Practice Engagement

Primary Care and the local GP is the front door to health and is the opportunity for early intervention and prevention, so it’s essential that we assess and understand people’s experiences to help address any potential barriers that could lead to someone not interacting with a primary care service, which could address a preventable illness. 

Herefordshire residents have a range of healthcare services available to them, including those offered at their GP Practice. The services available will depend on when patients are seeking help and the kind of assistance they require.

In order for Herefordshire Primary Care Services to ensure they are meeting the needs of their local communities it is important that we all understand how the services are being used and what is required to meet the needs of our county. 

As a local Healthwatch our role is to ensure that local people are actively involved in shaping the health and care services that they use, and that they have a say about the health and care services available to them. We also monitor local provision and hold commissioners and service providers to account for the quality of locally publically funded health and care services.

There is a small section about diversity information at the end called 'About You'.  We like to collect this so that we can ensure we are representing our communities as inclusively as possible. If you are happy to answer these questions this will be very beneficial.

Thank you.  

2. When was the last time you tried to make an appointment or ask for medical advice?
3. How do you usually book your appointments?
4. Whilst arranging your appointment, were you offered the choice of an evening or weekend appointment?
5. Have you ever attended any early morning, evening or weekend appointment before? (please select from the below list)
6. If extra provision was made available for appointments, what times would you find beneficial for these? (please tick all that apply)
7. What types of appointment would be most helpful to you at evenings and weekends? (you can select multiple categories below)
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8. Which of the below appointment types would you prefer? (you can select more than one option here)
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9. Thinking generally, how do you most frequently travel to health and social care appointments in your area or the county?
10. Which of the areas would you be prepared to travel to for a face to face appointment?
12. About You

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