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Bottom Paint Guinea-pig Submission

Bottom Paint Guinea-pig Submission


Hello there! Thanks for considering participating in the Pettit & KKMI Bottom Paint study! We are looking for a few brave individuals to consider having your boat's bottom painted in sections so that we can test the efficacy of the Pettit brand versus brand X. We are looking for 30(ish) to 40(ish) sail or powerboats from locations all over the bay area. You would need to be available for an inspection haul out 2-3 times over an 18 month period. Your boat would be painted in the same(ish) color from two different brands of paints, so be aware that when heeled over or upon diver inspection, you are going to see - if all goes as hoped for the Pettit brand - a significant difference in marine growth. Your boat would be painted similar the pattern in the image below where the light green and dark green are the quadrants.

You would still be paying for a bottom painting package, but the bottom paint would be free as well as the haul-outs. 

This would be an exciting experiment and a fun talking point and hopefully a positive step forward in the development of effective bottom paints! 

There is no obligation to 100% buy in, but if you are interested, please fill in this submission form and we will contact you with additional questions if your boat is in the running as one of our guinea pigs. 
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