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ECWRPC Equity in Community Engagement Survey


We want you to be involved! We also want you to WANT to be involved and feel valued.

Community engagement is an essential part of any transportation project at East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (ECWRPC). Good community engagement can help residents advocate for what they need, understand why projects are happening, and improve safety on the roadways, whether in a car, in a bus, on bike, or on foot.

That said, we know that past transportation planning efforts and decision-making have not always been done equitably. These practices have resulted in marginalized community members - especially people of color, people with disabilities, those who speak languages other than English, and others - having less access to safe, comfortable, and convenient transportation. ECWRPC wants to address these past wrongs and help prevent local governments from perpetuating past harms in future planning efforts.

ECWRPC is developing our first Equity in Community Engagement Toolkit to help make this a reality! This toolkit will include engagement types, methods, and strategies that improve and guide how ECWRPC and local communities engage with community members. The toolkit will be focused on making sure that those that have been excluded in past engagement efforts are able to engage in the future in a way that is comfortable, inclusive, and convenient, no matter who they are. Equity and environmental justice will be fundamental pieces of the toolkit.

The following survey asks you about how YOU want to be engaged. It should only take 5-10 minutes and will help ECWRPC make engagement better in the future for all residents. Thanks in advance for your help!