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2022 NAAE Professional State Association Award Application

Application Procedures

NAAE is...
"Professionals providing agricultural education for the global community through visionary leadership, advocacy and service."

NAAE seeks to advance agricultural education and promote the professional interests and growth of agriculture teachers as well as recruit and prepare students who have a desire to teach agriculture. The organization is dedicated to developing professional pride and competency, to nourishing a spirit of unity among classroom teachers, and to recognizing members for conducting outstanding programs. It monitors governmental affairs affecting agricultural education and assists in the development of priorities and strategies to effect federal legislation and appropriations.

A national organization can be no stronger than its affiliate associations.
For a state association to be strong it must aggressively engage in certain well-planned activities designed to serve the best interest of the members and the profession.


Application Procedures for the Professional State Association Awards

1. Each affiliated association must submit an electronic application by September 1. 

2. The last complete NAAE membership year—July 1 - June 30—shall govern the period of time for which the award application is made.

3. There are three levels of this award. The number of accomplished items required to qualify for the respective levels are:
a. Distinguished Professional State Association—64 to 74 items must be accomplished
b. Professional State Association—50 to 63 items must be accomplished
c. Active State Association—up to 49 items must be accomplished

4. Only the state associations whose applications are approved by the appropriate NAAE regional vice president and the NAAE Chief Executive Officer will receive the award.

5. Professional State Association award winners will be recognized during the NAAE convention.


To see a copy of the questions that are included, please click HERE
The link is only to allow you to prepare for the online submission. The award application must be submitted electronically. There will be no paper copies of the awards accepted.