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HKTDC Food Expo 2022 香港貿發局美食博覽 2022

New Design / Product Description and Discounts Form

Exhibitors are encouraged to submit product description (maximum 100 words per product) together with photos in digital format (300dpi, JPG, PDF) for pre-fair publicity. (Remarks: HKTDC will review and select suitable products and arrange pre-fair promotion as appropriate. The use of all submitted materials will be at the Organiser's discretion. As the submitted materials may be used without prior notice, please ensure all submitted information is correct.)

Submission Deadline: 15 July 2022

參展商如欲在展覽舉行前宣傳其產品,請填妥此表格(每件產品簡介不得超過一百字)連同彩色數碼相片(300dpi, JPG, PDF)一併交回本局。(註:大會將審視參展商提供的資料,並挑選合適產品以作宣傳。所提供之產品資料採用與否由大會決定。產品資料可能會在沒有事先通知的情況下使用,請確保所提供的資料準確無誤。)

截止日期: 2022年7月15日
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