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Hepatitis Webinar - HBV Vax Recs

Thank you for attending last week's webinar: Universal Adult HBV Vaccination Recommendations: Updates & Policy Impacts Webinar. Please complete this brief survey to provide your feedback. Please answer honestly; your responses will remain anonymous.
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2. To what extent do you agree or disagree with each of the statements below?
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The webinar was relevant and applicable to my work.
The webinar presenter(s) covered the topic comprehensively.
The webinar presenter(s) appeared knowledgeable.
I learned something new during the webinar.
I feel prepared to apply what I learned in my work.
What I learned through the webinar will be helpful for my team’s vaccination implementation planning efforts.
3. How likely are you to recommend attending NASTAD’s Hepatitis webinars to your colleagues?
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4. How could the webinar have been better? (check all that apply)
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