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2022 Foothills Alpine Ice Application

Welcome 2022 Foothills Alpine Ice applicants!

We, the Foothills Climbing Committee, are glad you're applying for the Intermediate Alpine Climbing Modules and look forward to instructing and climbing with you this season. 

This application is for Alpine Ice. The Leading on Rock and Winter Mountaineering applications will come out in early October.

The Foothills Climbing Committee is committed to building and fostering a representative climbing community that reflects the spaces in which we live and recreate. We recognize that outdoor recreation has historically excluded communities of color, women, and LGBTQ+ people. Hence, we strongly encourage applications from people with these identities or who are members of other underrepresented communities. 

  • Completion of Winter Mountaineering & Advanced Crevasse Rescue (Intermediate Glacier Travel)
  • Completion of Single Pitch or Sport Climbing Courses OR demonstrated experience leading 5.6 trad or 5.8 sport routes
  • Preference for those who've completed Multi Pitch Climbing

***Please do not sign up for the course unless you can attend ALL field trips and ALL lectures. Some field trips may be postponed due to weather.  

Selection Criteria

All applications will be rated out of 100. As the Mountaineers is a volunteer organization, applications are heavily weighted to those with recent volunteer experience, especially those already volunteering with the Mountaineers. At minimum, applicants should have volunteered at least 1 day per course taken (LOT = 2 days, IGT = 1 Day, SPR = 1 Day). Preference will be given to those who have volunteered with instructing Foothills Basic or Foothills Intermediate Climbing Courses. 
  • Volunteer Experience - 40 points
  • Technical experience - 30 points
  • Personal Statements - 30 points
Please note: as the Foothills Climbing Program is in it's infancy, we are looking for those who will volunteer with the Intermediate and Basic Programs to help us grow our programs. 
1. Are you at least 18 years old? *This question is required.
2. Which courses have you completed? If you have not completed a climbing course with the Mountaineers and have extensive climbing experience, please email a copy of your climbing resume and curriculum vitae to *This question is required.
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