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Laramie Area Growth Plan - Questionnaire #1

Albany County and the City of Laramie are collaborating on the Laramie Area Growth Plan for the unincorporated County area surrounding the City (see map below). This effort will result in growth policies and a land use plan that will allow us to respond to development pressures in a more proactive manner that results in better service provision, greater predictability for property owners, and a higher quality of life for the community. 

Why is a plan needed?
The County and City are seeing an increase of growth pressure in the rural-urban interface at the edge of Laramie. Most of Albany County’s residents (total population of 39,000) live within the City of Laramie (total population of 32,000) or the immediately surrounding area. While growth in our community can be beneficial and allows us to continue to thrive economically, appropriate policies and standards are needed to ensure logical patterns of development and cost-effective provision of services like roads and utilities.  

How to participate in this questionnaire
This questionnaire only has five questions followed by a few optional demographic questions. The demographic questions help us track who we are hearing from and identify where additional outreach efforts are needed. 

Laramie Area Growth Plan Map