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FIVB Volleyball Empowerment Survey

 Welcome to the FIVB Volleyball Empowerment Survey
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Please consider the following:

  • Volleyball Empowerment is a unique opportunity and historic achievement for volleyball, one that will elevate volleyball to new professional standards and bring future commercial opportunities for our sport. 
  • This is a completely innovative and modern partnership among  International Federations. It will benefit our athletes, our fans, and of course you, our National Federations categories 1-2-3-4 and 5.
  • We truly believe that we must empower and improve the technical level of national teams and athletes to provide them with the skills to play at the highest level. And in the future, participate in major international events like World Championships and the Olympic Games.
  • Through Volleyball Empowerment, we can help your national teams and athletes reach their full potential and achieve their goals. This would be a win-win situation for all of us.
  • A strong national team participating in, and winning, big competitions will become role models for the younger generations, creating volleyball fans for life. 
  • A National Federation with a strong national team will be more attractive to sponsors, media and TV. These additional resources will enable you to host more key events, giving your local fans an opportunity to watch the very best of volleyball and beach volleyball live. As a result, your National Federation will become self-sustainable with a professional administration onboard.
  • In order to help us identify these countries, we kindly ask you to fill this survey.
  • All information submitted is confidential and is used solely to analyse  each National Federations    National Teams eligibility for targeted support.
  • In preparation for completing your information in the survey, we suggest you refer to the SURVEY EXAMPLE document. This is an example of a   completed survey which can be a useful guide. This will prepare you for the type of questions asked in the survey, and the information you will need to gather.      To further assist a blank pdf of the survey is available on the FIVB website to help prepare a smooth process when you complete the survey online.
  • Immediately after you have submitted the survey, a pdf copy will be sent to the email address registered.
  • In this survey, we ask you to tell us more about your national team, its structure, available resources, vision and goals. Based on the survey and further information collected by our team of professionals, the FIVB will select a number of National Federations for High-Level National Team support.
    Once the countries are identified, the FIVB will send coaches, trainers, managers, and physiotherapists to work with the National Federation and national teams to improve their team performance and help identify new talent.
    On the ground, we will work together with National Federations, as our main stakeholders, along with National Olympic Committees, local sports authorities, and Olympic Solidarity.
  • This survey provides    the opportunity for all National Federations to provide details of their National Teams High-Performance Structure.
  • The information you share would help FIVB to provide the right support accordingly.
  • This    survey focuses    on your National Federations:
      • Governance framework
      • National teams structure
      • National team that is a high priority in need of support
      • National event structure
      • Depth of talent in players  
      • Gap analysis of national teams 
      •  Bidding and / or hosting plans 
      • Benchmark events with a forecast  of results and costs 
      • The technology used by the national team
      • Coach structure
      • Partners and stakeholders