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APRIL 2022 Call for Workshops

APRIL 2022 Workshop Proposal

We are excited to announce that APRIL will once again be in person for the 2022 Conference on October 13-14, 2022, with our youth and pre-conference day being October 12th all at the Rosen Center. Please check our website regularly as we begin to fill in more details as they unfold: APRIL Conference Page

This year we are very excited about our theme, something that is really near and dear to APRIL and encompasses what we are all about.
Reunited: The Power of Peer Support  

We are excited to feature you all during our conferences, as peer experts on many different topics in the field. We could not make these great learning opportunities happen without your support, willingness to share your knowledge and expertise, and your enthusiasm for ensuring people with disabilities have the right and opportunity to live, work, play, and love in the communities of their choice. 

Please fill out the following proposal form to the best of your ability by June 27th, 2022. Our committee will be working diligently to get responses back to folks by July 15th, 2022 so that you can begin preparing your travel arrangements.  If you have any questions, you can always reach out 

We look forward to learning more about you and your expertise area!

Some of our areas of interest this year include: 
  • Disability Rights/Disability Justice/ Independent Living Movement: Teaching disability rights, disability justice and the independent living philosophy.
  • Outreach to and building programs for rural service areas 
  • Transition from Congregate Settings: (Such as incarceration/prisons, addiction treatment centers, mental health/PFT centers, nursing homes, etc.)
  • Transportation programs and resources 
  • Building Peer Support programs
  • Youth Services 
  • Fee for service/ fund diversification opportunities 
  • Creative ways SILCS can build state relationships, strengthen IL networks, grow IL funds for the network
  • Human Resources (such as Motivating people, staff retention/morale, finding/hiring/training new staff, office communication styles, dealing with difficult employees, hybrid office strategies, staff oversite, building a culture of teamwork etc.) 
  • Equity and Diversity
  • Long Haul Covid

6. Have you Presented this workshop before? 
11. Please select which type of timeslot your workshop would best fit:
12. My workshop will include the following (Check all that apply)
13. Please check or indicate all the “special AV” requests your workshop would require (note that all rooms are provided 2 wireless mics and a screen and projector for their presentations):
14. My Workshop would be MOST appropriate for the following audience Choose 1 that best fits:                                            
18. By Submitting this proposal I agree and understand the following:

My presentation must be easily made accessible to all. Examples include: Videos including closed captioning, Pictures are audio described
and descriptions are provided ahead of time, large print and rich text format of any hard copy handouts are made available, etc.

I will attend one of the free mandatory prep sessions with the APRIL staff in the month of September to get any important information, give any necessary updates, and to ensure that I have all my questions answered before the run of event in October. 

I or my CIL/SILC or other organization are responsible for covering my travel expenses to the conference. Please note that we will honor Early Bird Registration for those presenting at the conference.  Please get your registrations in as soon as you know you are participating. 

If I am planning on attending the conference, I must also register as a participant.

I am responsible for sending any changes in speakers or bios or workshop descriptions to Mary Willard no later than September 1, 2022. 

Any handouts or powerpoints must be submitted and accessible by September 5th 2022 to and for electronic distribution. 

  *This question is required.