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Caregiver Survey: MS Caregivers


iConquerMS ( is a virtual research community for people affected by MS, created and maintained by the nonprofit Accelerated Cure Project. Members of iConquerMS register on the website and participate in a variety of activities to shape and support research.

iConquerMS has over 8,000 members the majority of whom are people living with MS.  We are in the process of expanding the initiative to include MS caregivers more intentionally as iConquerMS members. (Our definition of a caregiver, or care partner, is a person who provides unpaid support including physical, emotional, logistical, or social, to a person living with MS.) This project is being guided by a multi-stakeholder steering committee that includes MS caregivers, people living with MS, healthcare providers, and researchers.

When finished, iConquerMS membership will engage MS caregivers. We will also partner with researchers to support their work in MS caregiver research and will support healthcare providers and their needs for information and resources related to caregiver well-being.

We are looking for feedback from MS caregivers as we design and implement support for MS caregivers within iConquerMS. We appreciate your sharing your perspectives in the following survey, which should take about 10 minutes to complete.  At the end of the survey you'll be invited to go to another form where you can provide your contact information if you'd like to be sent a $10 gift code for completing the survey and/or be kept informed about iConquerMS.  Note that responses that are not verifiable from MS caregivers may be ineligible for the gift code.