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CySA+ Practice Quiz: C00-002 Quiz 30

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. Fred runs a small manufacturing shop. He produces consumer goods on his equipment. Suppose Fred has six stamp presses each valued at $35,000. At any given time, two of his presses might be out of service due to mechanical breakdowns or required upgrades.

What is Fred's single loss expectancy?
2. During a tabletop exercise, someone from the red team has a question about a procedure's validity and whether or not it would violate the terms of engagement. How should this be determined?
3. When performing active reconnaissance, a malicious actor may try to do which of the following?

4. Hackers use social networking, dumpster diving, social engineering, and web surfing during which portion of their reconnaissance?

5. Which of the following malware analysis approaches uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to run algorithms based on risk determined by if/then rules and looks for code similar to known malware code, which it flags and tests in a sandbox?
6. Tom, a security analyst, is notified by Karen, an employee, that her work iPad has some setting changes and a new app that she didn't download. What is the first step Tom should take?
7. Which of the following attacks exploits vulnerabilities in the web application and allows the attacker to compromise a user's interactions with the app?
8. A user of your website has posted a message for others to view. After several employees complain of strange behavior on their browser after visiting the site, you investigate and find some text: < script > ... < /script >. There is more than just what is displayed, contained between the < script > tags.

What kind of attack is this?
9. Which protocol does Windows Event Forwarding use to transfer events to a central computer?
10. Which of the following occurs during the deployment phase of the IT asset life cycle?
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