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2022 Founders Program Application


Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship
2022 Founders Program Application 

Entrance into the Founders Program is awarded to a second-year entrepreneurial student at Western University or an Affiliated University College. The award recipient must have a desire to be entrepreneurial in their chosen field. Students that demonstrate high engagement with entrepreneurship activities at Western University, and are academic achievers, are encouraged to apply. A total of 10 students will be selected every year for the Founders Program.

* You must be entering into second-year in September 2022 to apply. Award recipients are expected to participate in all established Founders Program activities and events, both virtual and in-person. The time commitment of this program is approximately 5-10 hours per month. The program runs over the course of eight months, from September to April each school year. A selection committee determined by the Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship will select the winning program participants. The program is scheduled to begin September 2022. 

Award value: $20,000 (CAD) distributed over three years. This monetary award will offset a students tuition costs. Year 2, Value: $5,000 (CAD), Year 3, Value: $5,000 (CAD), and Year 4, Value: $10,000 (CAD).  This award will continue into Years 3 and 4 provided that the student maintains participation in the Founders Program. 

8. Year of Study

Note that this scholarship is available to second-year students only. *This question is required.

Video Essay (5 Minutes Max.)

In a short video, describe your interest in entrepreneurship including the following:

  • How you developed an entrepreneurial spark?
  • What does entrepreneurship mean to you and what are you passionate about with respect to entrepreneurship?
  • What specifically about entrepreneurship intrigues you to pursue it?
  • How will you add value to the entrepreneurship community at Western?
*This question is required.

Please attach a letter of recommendation. 

Our preference would be to receive a written recommendation on your behalf from an entrepreneur or entrepreneurial leader.

However, we will also accept letters from previous/current managers, colleagues, coaches, counsellors or professors. Please avoid selecting family members or close friends for this task.

*This question is required.
12. I understand that there will be a time commitment of 5-10 hours per month with this award. *This question is required.
13. I agree to participate in all established Founders Program activities and events (both virtual and in-person). *This question is required.

I understand that I must maintain participation in the Founders Program to be eligible for the Year 3 ($5,000) and Year 4 ($10,000) additional award. 

At the end of each year, the selection committee will review your engagement and determine if you have met the requirements set up by the program. 

*This question is required.
15. I understand that I may be contacted regarding an in-person or virtual second-round interview with the selection committee if it is deemed necessary to further screen candidates. *This question is required.
16. Optional: Sign up for the Morrissette Entrepreneurship newsletter, and stay up-to-date on all things entrepreneurship at Western.