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IT Fundamentals+ Practice Quiz: FC0-U61 Quiz 6

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. Given the numerical value 1010101.11, which of the following number systems is MOST likely represented?
2. How many bits are in a single byte?
3. You are using a program that can run multiple operating systems and manage hardware and storage. What are you most likely using?
4. Disk cleaners, antivirus software, backup tools, and file compressors are example of which of the following kinds of system software?
5. Which of the following Internet technologies provides the FASTEST speeds?
6. You live in a rural area and don't have a nearby wired network to connect to. What could you use to connect to the Internet?
7. A developer is writing a program that will store the value of a single character. Which of the following data types will work BEST to store this value?
8. A software developer is creating a variable to hold whole numbers and will perform numeric operations on the values stored in that variable. Which of the following data types is the BEST for this purpose?
9. Anna, a user, downloaded a free PDF editing application from the internet. Now the laptop constantly displays desktop pop-ups and several applications won't start.

Anna was the victim of which of the following?
10. Which of the following is typically used for large data backups of servers?
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