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Standards of Practice Manual Order Form

Manual Order Form

The Court Interpreter Program recently published the Standards of Practice and Ethics for Washington State Judiciary Interpreters. Written and peer-reviewed by experienced court interpreters, these Standards of Practice serve as a practical guide for interpreters in fulfilling their professional and ethical responsibilities. We are offering court certified and registered interpreters a free printed copy. 

Who can receive a free copy?

Due to limited supply we can only offer one copy per interpreter. Currently we can only offer a copy to interpreters who are credentialed with the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts. We can only send copies within the United States. 

When I receive a copy? 
The manuals are currently being printed and will be mailed out as they become available. All requests must be made by June 3, 2022. 

How to I request a copy?
To receive your copy, submit the completed form below. A digital copy can be downloaded at: Standards of Practice and Ethics for Washington State Judiciary Interpreters

1. Please provide the following information: 
The form below will ask for your AOC ID number. If you do not know your number you can find it on your interpreter badge or by searching for your name on the Search for Interpreters located on the right side of our main webpage: *This question is required.