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Yamhill Business Direct Impact Grant

Grant Information

Yamhill County's Business Direct Impact Grant program is available to organizations based within Yamhill County. Grants are available to support programs or projects designed to develop new talent, retention and recruitment, as well an internal cultural shifts for employees and managers.

In today's challenging labor market where job openings are greater than the number of job seekers, businesses and organizations are increasingly analyzing their hiring practices and corporate culture in an effort to stay competitive in the search for good employees. Yamhill County recognizes these challenges and has made grant funding available for companies that wish to address this need with a new approach to hiring and employee retention and/or focus on changing their culture to attract and keep the talent necessary to succeed. 

If your company is facing these challenges and is ready to meet them with a new approach to hiring and retaining talent, we encourage you to apply for a grant. Grants are available in amounts ranging from $10,000 to $30,000. Applicants must be a business or organization with principal operations located in Yamhill County, Oregon. The following application will be used to select organizations and projects to receive funding. Completing this application does not guarantee funding.

This application will take approximately 25-30 minutes to complete. After you enter your contact information, you may stop and save your answers by clicking the "Save and Continue" button located in the top right-hand corner of the application.

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