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Diverse Supplier Development Program

Overall Program Expectations

Through this program, diverse small business owners will tap into a student project team to solve business challenges and expand their own knowledge through a series of workshops. The student teams will be executed and coordinated by Illinois Business Consulting (IBC), the nation's largest student-run professionally managed university consultancy. The program also offers monthly workshops led by our world-class faculty members and outside partner organizations. 

The time commitment for the entire program will be approximately 25 hours from September 2022 to May 2023.

There is no cost to participate in this program.
Workshop Program Expectations

Participants are expected to make a commitment to attend and actively participate in monthly workshops.
  • Monthly workshops will generally be held on first Friday of the month from September to May at 9am  – 10 am
  • Participants are expected to attend all workshops.  Any unforeseen circumstances should be communicated to the Office of Procurement Diversity prior to the workshop.
Student Consulting Project Expectations

You will have some of the brightest students in the country working to solve the business challenges that you define upfront.  Participants are expected to meet the following expectations: 
  • Hold a weekly 60 minute call with the student team from September 15-December 15, 2022, if requested
  • Provide the team with a company point of contact
  • Stay within the project scope
  • Respond in a timely manner and provide access to necessary data
  • Provide clear feedback and direction without micromanaging
  • Students are not interns or employees for your organization. Allow them to follow the process and timeline prescribed in their course and by their faculty advisor
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