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SC Works Midlands Customer Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for telling us about your visit to our Midlands SC Works center. The following survey is voluntary and your responses will be kept confidential. Your answers will be used to improve services at our Midlands SC Works center. 
1. Which SC Works Midlands office did you visit? 
This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
3. Please select your age range
4. What was the reason for your visit? 
5. Rate your satisfaction for each item / category
Space Cell Very SatisfiedSatisfiedUnsatisfiedVery Unsatisfiedn/a
Job Search / Resource Room
Staff Responsiveness
Timeliness of Service
Greeting / Intake Process
Counseling / Case management
Job Matching and Job Referral Process
Training / Education Referral
6. Would you recommend our services to others?