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The Sustainable Finance Poll 2022 (ANZ/FA)


This is the 5th annual poll of the leading issuers and investors in Asia Pacific by FinanceAsia and ANZ.

Your responses will be anonymous. We will aggregate the findings to share insights with you into how your peers view green and sustainable debt. 

You will receive the in-depth whitepaper with the survey results in late June.

Thank you in advance for taking part.
Definition: “GSS instruments” – includes labelled Green, Social, Sustainability, Transition bonds or loans and Sustainability-Linked Bonds or Loans
2. Are green, social and sustainability issues being considered within your organisation and integrated into strategy? *This question is required.
3. How has COVID-19 impacted your focus on sustainable finance and GSS instruments going forward? *This question is required.
4. Are you…? *This question is required.