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WA Graduation Pathway Options Stakeholder Survey 2022


Washington Graduation Pathway Options - Stakeholder Survey
Thank you for your willingness to provide feedback on Washington's new Graduation Pathway options. This survey is intended for students, parents, educators, and community members. You will not be required to provide your name or any identifying information on this survey, and all responses will be reported anonymously or in aggregate form. You may exit this survey at any time by selecting "Exit Survey" at the top right of each page. This survey will close July 1st at 5 PM PST.

If you have any questions regarding this survey, please email Danielle DuBose at or call 307-654-0202.

New Graduation Requirements

In 2019, the Washington State Legislature provided students with multiple pathways to high school graduation by passing House Bill 1599. The pathways are intended to be tailored to the student’s goals and allow the student to demonstrate college and career readiness.

The Graduation Pathway Options
Beginning with the Class of 2020, students must complete at least one of the following pathway options to graduate:

  1. Meet the graduation scores on the Washington State Assessments in English language arts (English) and mathematics or in WA-AIM (Washington Access to Instruction & Measurement).
  2. Earn at least one high school credit in English and one credit in math through a Running Start, College in the High School, or Career and Technical Education Dual Credit course. 
  3. For both English and math, earn specific scores on certain Advanced Placement exams, International Baccalaureate exams or Cambridge International exams, or pass the course with at least a C+.
  4. Meet the graduation scores in the math and English portions of the SAT or ACT.    
  5. Pass a transition course in English and math (for example, a Bridge to College course) which allows a student to place directly into a credit-bearing college level course.
  6. Meet any combination of at least one English and one math option of those options listed previously.
  7. Meet the graduation score on the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery)
  8. Complete an approved sequence of Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses
Your responses to this survey will help inform future graduation pathway development. Thank you for being an important part of this process!
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