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Building Interfaith America Grant (Emerging Leaders)

At Interfaith America, we believe that U.S. religious diversity is a strength; when we engage that diversity proactively, we can address the major challenges of our communities and our nation. Yet, engaging across deep differences is work that requires interfaith leadership skills and resources.  As this nation continues to strive to realize our foundational aspiration – a true diverse democracy – we need everyone to contribute.  

In his new book, We Need to Build, Eboo Patel writes,  

“We will know we have achieved Interfaith America when it is simply commonplace for cities across the country to have days of interfaith service; when there is an established scholarly field called interfaith studies that certifies tens of thousands of people every year who have the knowledge base and skill set of interfaith leadership; when companies, schools, hospitals, and civil society organizations hire interfaith leaders because they recognize the significance of proactively engaging the religious diversity within their organizations; when houses of worship regularly have partnerships across faith lines; when people across traditions can readily articulate the theology or ethic of interfaith cooperation of their own community; when organizations across sectors view it as standard operating procedure to have interfaith strategic plans; when teaching the history of religious diversity in the United States is a robust part of every high school American history course. Most importantly, when religious diversity is understood as a powerful and visible asset that ought to be engaged positively and proactively rather than a dynamic that is either invisible or a threat.” (Patel, 21) 

The Building Interfaith America grants are an invitation to our network to identify a need or opportunity in your community, propose a project to address it, and leverage the strength of interfaith cooperation to achieve your project.  

Application Requirements: All applicants must complete an online application by Friday, June 17, 2022. Successful applicants will be notified by July 18th, 2022 and payment will be processed within 30 days of awardees submitting all the necessary paperwork.  The application asks for the following information:  
•    A description of your project idea
•    The intended audience and how you plan to identify or address a community need
•    A timeline of your planning and implementation 
•    Past experience with interfaith cooperation and how your personal goals align with this grant
•    Evaluation of project's impact

Use of Award Funds: The grants are up to $1,500. Up to 50% of the award can be used to support the awardee for their time. A portion of grants will be held to prioritize applications with Black, Indigenous, or People of Color team members.   
Eligibility: Please note, this award is limited to Interfaith America's Emerging Leaders Network formerly known as the IFYC Alumni Network.
Reporting: We expect the funded programs, trainings, workshops, or initiatives will be implemented between Aug 2022-June 2023.  Awardees will be asked to submit a final report on their project by June 15, 2023. 

Please provide IFYC with your relevant contact and background information.