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IESBA's Future Strategy and Work Plan Survey

About the Survey

This survey seeks views from stakeholders on key environmental trends, developments or issues the IESBA should consider as it begins the process of developing its next Strategy and Work Plan (SWP) for the period 2024 – 2027. This survey comprises three sections:

Section A – Demographic information about the respondents     
Section B – Strategic direction and priorities
Section C – Possible future standards-related projects or initiatives

Respondents are asked to provide views or suggestions in response to the questions in Sections B and C. If a respondent has no response to a particular question, the respondent may skip that question. Respondents’ submissions will be made available on the IESBA’s website after the close of the survey.

This survey is the first step in the IESBA seeking input from its stakeholders as part of the due process for developing its SWP. Following a full review of the input received, the IESBA will develop a consultation paper on its SWP 2024-2027, including its proposed strategic themes, priorities and work plan.

The IESBA anticipates approving the SWP consultation paper for public comment in Q1 2023. Respondents will have an opportunity to comment on a full description of the IESBA’s proposed strategic direction and future work plan when it issues its SWP consultation paper.

Responses to the survey are requested by Friday, July 8, 2022.