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2022 Martech Record Affiliate Market Survey: Part 1 (of 2)

Welcome to the 2022 Martech Record Industry Survey

Thank you for your participation in part 1 (of 2) of the 2022 Martech Record affiliate industry survey. This survey should take less than 10 minutes. Our objective is to measure overall awareness of different types of marketing platforms.  It is ok if there are categories or products you are not aware of, simply check the box indicating you are not aware of them or none of the above. This information is just as valuable.

Part 2 of this survey will be launched in January and ask for you to review specific features of affiliate marketing platforms. 

By qualifying and completing this survey you will receive and invitation to join Martech Record's expert panel.  This panel receives early access to Martech Record live event tickets, a first look at the data reported in this survey and a dedicated private networking channel on the Martech Record Slack Forum.

To qualify you must currently be working in an affiliate/ performance marketing capacity. 

This survey is 5 or six pages and should take under 10 minutes. 

Your responses are anonymous and individual responses and company names will never be shared. Only aggregated responses will be reported. 

Aggregated answers will be published and shared for free. By publishing this data we hope to facilitate industry growth. 

Thank you for sharing your expertise.