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Rapidan Dam Survey


The Rapidan Dam is located in Rapidan Township on the Blue Earth River. This dam was built over 110 years ago and has been managed by Blue Earth County for the last 46 years. This 85-foot-high hydroelectric dam is a community and regional icon and serves as an attraction for outdoor enthusiasts, kayakers, bikers, and more.

Throughout the years, the dam has regularly experienced flooding—the second-highest flood on record occurred in 2019. These flood events and the toll of time have caused significant damage to the dam’s structure and usability. Because of this, doing nothing is not a long-term solution. Action needs to be taken to address the current damage of the dam.

To find a solution for this ongoing problem, Blue Earth County worked with Barr Engineering in 2021 to conduct studies for two potential solutions: repair or remove the dam.

With this big decision looming, the County Board is seeking your input so they can better understand the community’s needs and concerns before making their decision. Your feedback is critical so the County Board can make the best decision for the future of the Rapidan Dam.

This survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete.