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Neolithic Peru to present-day Patagonia – six online talks on the history and culture of Andean Latin America

Price: £75 per device for the series

Each talk starts at 4.30pm (GMT +1) and, including introduction and Q&A, finishes within an hour.

1. Machu Picchu is sublime: so what? By David Beresford-Jones (7th June)
2. A Cotton Revolution – the Agricultural Revolution from the Andes by David Beresford-Jones (14th June) 
3. The Incas: an empire forged without pen or sword? By David Beresford-Jones (21st June) 
4. Who were the Conquistadores? By Chris Moss (28th June) 

5. Tangopolis: Buenos Aires, the belle époque and the bordello by Chris Moss (5th July) 
6. Patagonia: from Magellan to magic realism by Chris Moss (12th July)

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