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EMBARK 2022 - Franciscan University

Basic/Initial Demographics

2022 New Alumni Survey

As you know, Franciscan University is a special place of prayer, learning, and grace. But we don’t exist just to stay up here on the hill—our goal is to send forth joyful disciples to transform the Church and the world. And you are one of those disciples!

Your feedback on this survey will help me and the friars and all of those who lead and serve at Franciscan University to understand better how our work here is translating into the “first destinations” of our recent graduates. Please let us know if you already have a job, if you are continuing your education as a graduate student, or if you are still discerning the next steps in your life. Also, please provide us with feedback regarding how well the university helped to prepare you for your work and your life after graduation.

You are in my prayers,

Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR, Class of 1989
5. When did/will you complete your bachelors degree?