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Suppliers Expression of Interest Form


Welcome to the Gender Links (GL) Supplier data base! All suppliers of goods and services to GL must register on this database for their services to be considered.  An open call will go out each year starting in 2022. The window for the current call is 19-29 April 2022. GL will evaluate bids based on:
  • Competence for the job
  • Experience
  • Track record and references
  • Price
Where the goods or services required are recurrent, GL will enter into Service Level Agreement with successful bidders. GL will pay for services upon successful delivery of the agreed goods or services against a job card for that particular task, at the agreed, market tested rate. Where the goods or services required are once off, GL will enter into specific contracts for the supply of these goods and services at the agreed rates. GL shall maintain a list of prospective suppliers and utilise those most suited to the services required at the most cost effective rate. SLA’s are valid for one year and must be tested against the market through the annual call for suppliers before such contracts are renewed. Suppliers who have not registered on this database cannot be considered for the supply of any goods or services.

You will be asked at the outset if you are registering as an individual or a company. The form is in four parts for both categories:
  1. Administrative information
  2. Track record and references 
  3. Prices against the goods and services that you supply.
  4. Feedback
Below is a summary of the types of goods and services required. You may click on each link to see the sub-categories. Please note that you will be asked to provide your rate per unit. All rates must be expressed in Rands. GL takes no responsibility for rates expressed in other currencies that are evaluated against those correctly quoted in our Rands of operation which is in Rands.  All quotes must be exclusive of any travel or logistic costs which would either be paid directly or reimbursed as per GL financial policies, depending on the final contract agreed. 

If you would like to see what questions are included in the form you can click on the items below to download a word version. This is only for you to know what questions will be asked so you can prepare for when you complete the form online. You are not required to complete the word documents as you need to complete the online form. 

Administrative questions will be asked for the following:

Below is a list of services and goods this call covers:


Strategy and planning
Writing and Content Development
Financial Services
Editing Services
Sage Pastel Evolution
Design and layout
Human Resources Services
Monitoring and Evaluation
Audio Visual productions
Legal services
Information and Communication Technology support
Website and social media
Security Services
Translation and interpretation services
Property Management and Maintenance

Hotel linen and décor
Save and continue later function:
After completing page 1 (so when on page 2) on the top, you will see a “Save and Continue later” band.

If you want to go check something and return later, they can click on this and enter your email address. 

Once you have entered your email address twice, whatever you have entered in the application form thus far will be saved and you will receive an email with a link to continue. 

You can then click on the link and continue where you left off. PLEASE NOTE that this email may go to your junk mail and you should check there if you do not receive it a few minutes after entering your email address.

Please direct any queries to

Thank you for your interest!
This question requires a valid date format of DD/MM/YYYY.
2. Are you an individual or a company? *This question is required.