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Intrepid Partner School Ad Membership

Intrepid Partner School Ad Membership Application

Limited to 100 schools in 2022-2023, Intrepid Partner School Ad Membership offers the distribution of Ads across the article inventory of Intrepid Ed News equally among member schools during the School Year July 1- June 30th. Ads can be targeted by region (North East/Mid Atlantic, Mid-West, South, and West Coast. Data on views and clicks will be provided monthly. Ad design services are available at the rate of $150 an hour. We will start the service after Spring Break March 30th and there will be no extra charge for schools from then till June 30th, 2022.
1. Priority enrollment is for OESIS member Schools. Please choose the Intrepid Partner School Ad Membership options. If your school is not currently an OESIS member school we will include membership starting July 1 in the invoice. OESIS Membership cost is $2,500 annually for a school with less than 100 faculty and $3,500 for school with 100-200 faculty. Click here for the benefits of OESIS Membership. *This question is required.
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