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2022 Police Reform and Racial Justice Grant Program Application

Police Reform and Racial Justice Grant Program Application
A U.S. Conference of Mayors/Target Opportunity
Application Deadline is Friday, April 22, 2022

Note that all items in this application are required fields and must be completed.

Questions regarding any aspect of this application may be directed to Mike Brown at
Application Staff Contact

Person familiar with specific aspects of this application and the existing policy/initiative for which a grant is sought who can answer related questions, should they arise.
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Population Category of the Applicant City: *This question is required.
At your option, you may append attachments which you believe would contribute to the understanding of the operation and/or impact of the policy/initiative proposed for a grant award.  Up to five attachments may be uploaded. Acceptable file formats are PDF, JPG/JPEG, XLS/XLSX and DOC/DOCX only. If you would like to share a file larger than 10MB, or a file of a type not listed above (a video, for example), you can include links to those files in a document (a PDF or DOC/DOCX file).