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WLIC 2022 Author Permission Form

For accepted papers, presentations and posters presented at WLIC 2022 in Dublin, Ireland


For all accepted papers/presentations that are to be presented at the 2022 IFLA World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) in Dublin, Ireland, their authors must complete the form below.

IFLA advocates broad accessibility to knowledge for all citizens of the world, regardless of their geographical location or financial or other circumstance. For this reason, the Governing Board has adopted a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence (CC BY 4.0) where possible to open up IFLA’s content more fully. The aim is to foster the widest possible access and re-use of the materials.

The data entered below will form the metadata record for the paper in the IFLA Repository. The full text file of the paper so described should be submitted to the IFLA professional unit responsible for organising the session. A representative from this unit will be your main point of contact about your presentation. They will help ensure that the format of the paper is correct and submit the item for upload to the IFLA Repository. In case of questions please contact them in the first instance. This information will come at a later date.


IFLA is interested in obtaining digital copies of presented posters in the born digital format (e.g. jpg, tif or PDF) and publish them in the IFLA Repository after the Conference. The licensing model outlined above for WLIC papers will also apply to WLIC posters.

To make your poster presentation available in the IFLA Repository:

  • please complete this form with the accurate details of your poster
  • submit your poster in digital format (PDF or image file) and abstract (in MS word) of no more than 200 words to


By submitting this form you are agreeing to attach a CC BY 4.0 licence to your work.

Please note the takedown policy on items uploaded to the IFLA Repository.

Please complete this form in English if possible, except where it is indicated that you should use the language in which your paper/poster is written.

NOTE: if you need to make a minor change (correct typos, change author's email address, institution name, etc.) to a form that you have already submitted, please send a message to and we will make the correction for you.

Major change:   If you need to add/replace/correct the name of an author or change a presentation title, please submit a new form.