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Erie County MPO Freight Plan Update

2022 Erie County, Ohio Regional Freight Improvement Survey

The Erie Regional Planning Commission (ERPC) Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is preparing a new Freight Plan for the region, namely Erie County and the Lorain County portion of the City of Vermillion. The Freight Plan will address policy, infrastructure, and system operations for all transportation modes. The USDOT is now placing a high priority on freight planning to guide transportation investment.
Please respond to this brief survey to share the issues you (or your agency or company) encounter and ideas you have for system improvement. Survey results will be reported anonymously, not attributed to individuals or organizations.

Please leave blank for questions that do not apply to you or your organization.
1. We request a respondent’s name and contact information only for clarification.
There are just four questions on the following pages, with space for comments.