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2022 CIP Council Application

CIP Council Application

The CIP Council, responsible for managing the CIP® certification program, is seeking candidates for three Council membership positions to begin in January 2023. Eligible candidates must be CIPs in good standing and able to serve on Council for up to a three-year term (with an option to renew).

Council members receive recertification credit for their full participation in Council activities. Council members are not paid for their work, but all travel and personal expenses incurred in the course of their CIP Council business are covered by PRIM&R. In recognition of their service to the organization, PRIM&R extends fee waivers to the PRIM&R Annual Conference for all Council members.

Duties of CIP Council members include, but are not limited to:
  • Active participation in approximately four business conference calls a year
  • Active participation in the exam development process
  • Active participation at an annual business meeting
  • Active participation in annual item reviews, during which Council members edit exam questions
  • Active participation in exam reviews, during which Council members provide feedback on draft examinations prepared by PSI, the testing company contracted by PRIM&R
  • Active participation in one of the subgroups assigned to review examination and recertification by continuing education applications or to review educational programs for continuing education credit
  • Development of at least ten new exam items (questions) per year
  • Commitment to adhere to PRIM&R’s mission, vision, core values, and the CIP® Code of Ethics
  • Willingness to sign an annual conflict of interest disclosure and update it as necessary, disclosing potential conflicts when appropriate, in accordance with PRIM&R’s policies
  • Willingness to sign a confidentiality agreement

The CIP Council is accountable to the PRIM&R Board of Directors through its Certification Committee. The Council is made up of 7-12 members, and is led by co-chairs.

The Council aims to include individuals representing diverse institutions, organizations, areas of expertise, subject population, and geographic areas. Applications, including two letters of recommendation, must be submitted via this form by October 31, 2022.