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Shine a Light on Stigma Pledge for Individuals

• I pledge to Listen. I will listen to and validate people with lived experience who share their experiences of being stigmatized due to substance use or attempts to obtain treatment for it. I will strive to respond in ways that create a supportive, non-judgmental, culturally responsive, and welcoming culture at every stage.   • I pledge to Act. I will treat people who have substance use disorders with dignity and respect. I believe that the words I use in talking about substance use disorders are critical to eliminating stigma and supporting people with substance use disorders to get the treatment they need. I will discuss substance use disorder as a chronic illness, not a moral failing.   • I pledge to Lead. I will be proactive in peer-to-peer coaching during my interactions with others who use stigmatizing language to help eliminate stigma and promote recovery from this disease. I will share what I have learned with others and do all I can to Shine a Light on Stigma!

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