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CSDP Targeted Partnership Program Catalog – SY 2022-2023


The Department is offering several opportunities for districts to receive targeted support during the 2022-2023 school year. The opportunities listed in this registration are organized around three categories, each of which are foundational to advancing educational equity across schools:
  • Sense of Belonging: Every student feels safe, welcomed and valued as an active member of the school community.
  • Grade-Appropriate Instruction: Every student has access to culturally responsive, grade-appropriate instruction that helps them master grade-level standards.
  • Strategic Planning and Coherence: School systems have clear priorities, leverage systems and structures in service of identified priorities, and continuously monitor and adjust strategies as needed.
Please note there is a significant overlap between these priorities. All of the programs listed within each priority include elements of all three and have been designed with an explicit focus on equity.

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