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MA Early College Designation Part A Application - Due August 26, 2022

For parties seeking an MA Early College Designation in Spring 2023 for SY2023-24 enrollment.

Welcome to the SY23 Early College Part A Designation Application 

Below are the required questions to complete Part of the Early College Designation application due August 26th, 2022

As you prepare your responses, plan to consult the EC 2022 Designation Application Companion DocumentThere y
ou will find extensive information on the Designation process and requirements. The Companion Document also provides important information and Components to Integrate into the Part A Application under each of the five Guiding Principles.

The scoring rubric for the MA Early College Part A Designation Application will be aligned with both this survey, and the specified criteria within the Companion Document. 

Primary Contacts

Kristin Hunt, Early College Director, (781) 661-8257
Rebekah Barr, Early College Specialist, (781) 338-3195