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Oulu TechArt Stakeholder Survey



Help us and answer a few questions about TechArt! We’d like your support to:
1. Create an international network of experts to consult Oulu, which is European Cultural Capital 2026,  on a range of topics
2. Map out the best TechArt experiences out there and learn from them
3. Organise interesting webinars, seminars, expert visits.

What is in it for you?
If you opt-in to keep informed about our work, we will invite you to participate in our next events, and inform you about new opportunities for artists as well as for companies and organizations wanting to work with artists. It is a work in progress, therefore you have the opportunity to help us to shape our offer.
Our TechArt project aims to build a national and international network. More specifically, we want to facilitate the ecosystem thinking on how cities can engage technology, art and culture and build a better place to live and work for its citizens. The TechArt project is a crucial part of Oulu2026 European Capital of Culture Program. Beyond 2026, we aim to embed a TechArt approach in the development plans of the City of Oulu.

Join our TechArt community and play a role in the Cultural Climate Change! 

Olli Rantala
Project Manager
TechArt Project 
Central Administration City of Oulu
Tel +358 44 703 7559

Veronica Santini
Senior Manager
Tel +49 (0)30 58913342

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