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"Aromatics For The Individual" Workshop Registration

Aromatics for the Individual Workshop; Saturday, June 18th from 9-11:30 AM!

Join us for a workshop where we will learn how to utilize essential oils in a safe way, for our specific needs! In this group (of maximum 20 participants), we will explore some of the bedrock ideas circulating around aromatherapy. We will smell a wide range of essential oils, with direct as well as palliative effects on several common conditions. We will create healthful blends together and learn to compose medicinal mixtures. We will discuss the sense of smell, and how it can guide us to find balance. This workshop is designed to offer new scent experiences, and to expand the conversation on true therapeutic values while guaranteeing the pleasurable and fun element, too! There is a $3o fee to cover the cost of materials, and our front desk staff will contact you prior to the event to pay over the phone!
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