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CPR/First Aid Application - Initial or Renewal

Please complete this application to be considered for the Oregon Home Care Commission (OHCC) CPR/First Aid certification program. Allow two to three weeks for processing, after which you will receive a written response. Eligible workers will be provided with CPR/First Aid training options.

IMPORTANT: Prior approval must be received before registering for a CPR/First Aid certification course. OHCC will not reimburse providers who pay out-of-pocket for certification courses.

To be eligible for the CPR/First Aid certification program, workers must have:
  • An active provider number;
  • Completed a minimum of two (2) OHCC sponsored training classes;
To be eligible for renewal of your CPR/First Aid certification, you must have:
  • Completed four (4) OHCC training classes since your last CPR/First Aid certification (if OHCC previously paid for your CPR/First Aid certification training)