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PECO Application Phase 1 (pre-application)


PECO Level 2 Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Pilot (EVsmart) Rebate Reservation Request
Thank you for submitting a reservation request to PECO's EVsmart rebate program.

Please have the following information available to complete this
reservation request:
  • A recent PECO bill for the project site OR
  • The PECO account number, customer name, and service address of the project site.
  • Preliminary project details (e.g., number of charging stations/ports you plan to install, planned charger model and network provider).
At any time, you may pause your reservation request by clicking “Save and continue later” at the top of the page. You will then receive an email with a new link to return you to where you left off. NOTE: If you close your browser before your reservation request is complete, and don't use the “Save and continue later” feature, your responses will be lost.

If you have questions prior to starting this reservation request, please email us at or call the customer service line at 484-816-8882.

Please click next to begin this reservation request.