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Mentor training request

Overview: This workshop is designed for employees or journeyworkers designated as mentors to support on the job learning for apprenticeship programs. The content includes a review of mentor roles, an introduction to learning styles, and a facilitated discussion about communication and problem solving. The second half of the workshop includes role playing exercises for the participants to practice what they learned. The instructor leads the participants through a structured review of that experience and review of the mentoring concepts presented. The program acknowledges the wisdom of the mentors and encourages them to view themselves as ambassadors for the apprenticeship and advocates for the apprentices.
  • The basic mentor training is a one-day eight hour program, done in-person on location. This can be adjusted to two four-hour sessions on consecutive days.
  • A virtual option of the same training is also available.
  • Mentor training is $3,000 per class of mentors. 
  • An effective mentor training class requires 9-15 participants.  If you have a smaller group, the TWC can work with you on coordinating with other locations, state or regionally-based training, or other options. The cost can be split among collaborating locations.
  • If you are unsure if mentor training is right for your agency or would simply like more information, please fill out the form with whatever information you have currently, and TWC staff will follow up with you.
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