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Macomb County Community Health Survey -- 2022

The Macomb County Health Department, along with our community partners, is looking for you to tell us about the health and wellbeing of your community. When we use the word “community,” we want you to think of the people and places where you live, work, and play in Macomb County. This could be your city or township, your neighborhood, or a group of friends and family who share your interests, identities, or experiences. We want to hear about what is impacting you locally and personally. Your responses will help us make community-informed, public health decisions for the next five years.

This survey should take about 5–10 minutes to complete. All of the survey questions are optional, and your responses are confidential. If you have any concerns about this survey, include them at the end in the space provided or contact the health department at (586) 463-1254. Thank you!