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RISE Up Leadership Program Application 2022

Program Overview

Thank you for your interest in the RISE Up Leadership Program (RISE Up)!

RISE Up was created to support and strengthen tobacco control champions in rural communities through training and skill-building activities.
The program is tailored for California Tobacco Control Program (CTCP)-funded project staff who have recently started a position in a Local Lead Agency or Competitive Grantee serving a rural community. The target audience is those with one year or less of experience in their role.

The program consists of five training modules taught over the course of five months (one session per month from August to December). Training presentations and activities will be provided virtually.

Each session is focused on a different skill or content area to help participants navigate tobacco control work in rural communities. The topics include:
  • Strengthening leadership skills by becoming self-aware of one’s own style and attend to the style differences of those they work with
  • Preparing our communities for policy change
  • Amplifying community voices who tend to get overlooked in rural environments
  • Rural success stories and the strategies that made each possible
  • Increasing community engagement through social media
  • Messaging strategies for a rural audience and conservative or libertarian decision-makers
If you are interested in participating, please complete the brief application on the next page.

To learn more about RISE, the Statewide Coordinating Center for Rural Communities, please visit our website: