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Early College Designation Letter of Intent - Spring 2022

Letter of Intent to Apply for MA Early College Designation

Thank you for your interest to develop a Designated MA Early College program. Please use this form to indicate your school's interest in learning more about the Designation process and the Criteria for a Designated program. The submission of this Letter of Intent is strongly encouraged for all potential applicants.  

Letters of Intent are due by end of day Friday, June 3rd, 2022. 

To learn more about the required components of a Designated Early College program, review the application Companion Document here: Early College Program Designation Application Companion Spring 2021 (

To learn more about the Massachusetts Early College program, view additional resources, and sign up for upcoming informational webinars, visit the MA Early College resource site here: MA Early College – Massachusetts – Early College Initiative 

For any additional questions, please contact: 

Kristin Hunt, Director of MA Early College: 
Rebekah Barr, Early College Program Specialist:
1. Proposed Early College Program Partners
2. Primary Designation Applicant Contact Information: 
3. Partner Designation Applicant Contact Information:
4. Please upload a Letter of Intent to apply for an Early College Designation. This Letter of Intent should be sent on behalf of both proposed partner institutions.