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ITC Roundtable on Deforestation-free Global Value Chains

Fighting against global deforestation and forest degradation at the international level has become a worldwide priority, and the European Union is developing a proposal for a new regulation on “deforestation-free” products. The International Trade Centre (ITC), an agency of the United Nations based in Switzerland, is convening four rounds of private-public consultations and development of concrete plans of actions for “Deforestation-free Global Value Chains” in priority commodities sectors, such as soy, cocoa and coffee. 

The roundtables aim to bring  together industry stakeholders and policy-makers and achieve primarily the three following goals:
  • Determine the state of play in soy, cocoa and coffee sectors discussing the current situation with sourcing soy, coffee and cocoa into the EU market, responsible sourcing practices and volumes of sustainable products. Discussion will also focus on key challenges and difficulties of sourcing sustainable/deforestation-free soy, cocoa and coffee in compliance with the newly proposed EU regulation on deforestation-free products;
  • Unpacking methodologies and approaches to support deforestation free supply chains: an in-depth analysis and technical discussion about the existing models, technologies, their credibility parameters, and the innovative approaches explored in various sectors; in thorough review of systemic issues and gaps that have not been addressed successfully in existing initiatives;
  • Propose adjustments and implementation guidelines related to the new proposed regulation on deforestation-free products: highlighting differences and complexities in commodity sectors; discussing impacts and implications on value chain actors staring from producers to processors and retailers; suggesting changes that would reflect the current state of play and capacities in the concerned commodity sectors.
The last roundtable took place on:
  • 5 May 2022, 1.30 - 3.30 pm CET: Second roundtable “Industry responses to deforestation: methodologies & approaches implemented in Global Value Chains” – online: 
Join us for a keynote by Mr. Matthew Spencer, IDH  - The Sustainable Trade Initiative, followed by an expert panel discussion, with: 
  • Mr. Didier Bergeret, Director Sustainability, The Consumer Goods Forum;
  • Ms. Róisín Mortimer, Private Sector Engagement Lead, Tropical Forest Alliance, World Economic Forum;
  • Ms. Ana Yaluff, Sustainability Manager EMEAI, ADM Germany;
  • Mr. Ethan Budiansky, Senior Director of Environment, World Cocoa Foundation;
moderated by Mr. Adrian Greet, Director & Owner - A. Greet Co. Limited, Senior Advisor - Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

Further sessions will be held on: 
  • 9 June 2022, 1.30 - 3.30 pm CET: Third roundtable “Implications of the new EU regulation on deforestation-free products” – online;
  • September 2022 (exact date tbc): Fourth roundtable “Roadmap and practical set of  recommendations to implement deforestation-free policies that are WTO compatible” – in person (Geneva, Switzerland)

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