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HCMS Physician Satisfaction Survey 2022



Thank you for taking time to complete this brief survey. Harris County Medical Society is interested in independently measuring physician satisfaction with area hospitals in terms of various aspects related to the delivery of quality patient care.  Your opinions will be used to develop health care policy for improving the quality of care at hospitals in the Greater Houston area.  
Your responses are completely confidential.  HCMS owns the data exclusively.  Individual responses will be pooled into aggregate summaries and shared with medical staffs, hospital administrators and the media.  This survey was developed and funded solely by HCMS.  This is therefore your survey, and confidentiality is governed by HCMS.

The entire survey should take 5-10 minutes to complete if you select 1-2 hospitals. Each additional hospital selected will take approximately 5 more minutes. After completing the survey, we will ask for your feedback on the survey as we strive to enhance future versions.

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