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CAMT Practice Period Documentation

Use this form to get CAMT I or II credit for a Practice Period you've already completed. 


1. Read these instructions, then scroll down to complete and submit the form.

2. You will be emailed a copy of this form after you complete
it. Retain that email for your records.

Purpose of this requirement: 
Practice Periods allow you to practice and get feedback about applying the Advanced Myofascial Techniques (AMT) material in an Instructor-supervised setting.

Prerequisites and essential elements:
• Before participating in a Practice Period, you must have completed the matching in-person course, or the Lecture and Technique sections of your matching Principles course.
• We highly recommend you review the DVD or Technique Video of your matching course's sequence just before attending, and email any questions to your instructor prior to your meeting.
• All Practice Period sessions must include an approved Instructor observing and assisting you in practicing the specified AMT material.
• Practice Period sessions may be private (individual) or in a group, and may be in-person, or online. Online participation requires a working camera and microphone.

• Satisfactorily completing this form within seven (7) days of your Practice Period is required for CAMT credit. A fee applies for late documentation.
• This Practice Period will not appear on your Learner Dashboard, but we will apply it to your CAMT progress when you've completed the associated course (allow 1-4 weeks). Your confirmation email will serve as backup evidence of CAMT credit.
• Please refer to your course navigator or the CAMT page for current requirements, credits, and maximums allowed.
• Your comments here will be available to your Instructor. If you have private comments or feedback, email us or use the feedback form link below.

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1. Meeting Info
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Check your address carefully.
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If your practice period was in-person, enter city and state or country. If virtual, enter "Online."
This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
Or, specific suggestions to others that you learned from. 
(Optional) Give us feedback about your Practice Period experience.
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For questions requiring an answer, please email

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