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Faith and Environment Youth Survey

Calling young people worldwide to contribute to global action on faith and environmental sustainability!

Welcome and sincere thanks for contributing 5 minutes of your time to make a positive difference in the faith and sustainability sector!

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We are calling on young people of faith worldwide to respond to an assessment of their understanding of environmental issues and climate change, identify the priorities in their local communities, investigate the role of faith in motivating their commitment to sustainable development, and highlight the tools and resources needed to build their capacity to be champions of environmental sustainability and social equity. Young people of faith is defined broadly to include any person aged 35 and under who identifies with a religious tradition or doctrine, including Indigenous and spiritual traditions. The results of this survey will inform the work of numerous actors, including UNEP Faith for Earth, UNEP Major Group for Children and Youth, and World Resources Institute’s Faith and Sustainability Initiative, in empowering children and young people as leaders in promoting environmental sustainability and social equity through their faith-based practice and in their local communities. 

Taking part in this survey is voluntary. You do not have to participate, and you can stop at any time. We will keep the information we collect through this survey for future projects, for recordkeeping, and to inform ongoing efforts to engage children and young people in sustainable development. Your name and other identifiable information, should you choose to provide them at the end of the survey, will be stored securely and separately from the information we collect from you in this first general survey. The results of this survey could be published in an article or presentation but will not include any information that would let others identify you as a respondent.