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Focus Group for 2022 Transit Coordination Plan - SE MN


Thank you for participating in this focus group survey. The information you provide will be used to develop the Local Human Service Transit Coordination Plan for Region 10 in Southeast Minnesota.
  1. Plan Overview: The plan will guide future transportation coordination.
  2. Purpose of focus groups: to discuss current perceptions of transportation services, opportunities, short and longer-term needs, trends and challenges. Your input will help us understand the types and levels of transportation services that will best meet the needs of the state’s residents.
  3. Individuals may speak to us in confidence. Any quoting of outcomes will be done anonymously. Our main purpose is to allow stakeholders to speak freely about their concerns.
Questions/Topics (Note: not all topics or questions will be relevant for all stakeholders)

Please take approximately 5 minutes to provide information regarding transportation services.
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